USA TODAY INTERVIEW: Exploring Romance And The Modern Woman, Part 2

Part 2 of Romance and the Modern Woman series: Join me and authors Rachel Hauck, Lizbeth Selvig, Sharon Cameron, Anne Browning Walker, Kathy Tyers, Sharon Hinck, and Shannon Hale at USA Today for Part 2 with Happily Ever After’s Serena Chase. Here’s my contribution:

Serena: In our modern society, people are just plain busy. Why is romance fiction still so popular when entertainment that takes up less time per story is so readily available?

Tamara Leigh: Unlike television, reading isn’t a spectator sport. It’s one-on-one — just the novel and me holding hands as I venture into the story. Scene breaks rather than commercial breaks. Savor-worthy details vs. hit-and-run broad strokes featured on the silver screen. Glorious words that engage the mind and excite the imagination as opposed to a volley of visuals that represent someone else’s interpretation of a story. The ability to walk in a heroine’s shoes rather than watch an actress strap on Manolo Blahniks and parade around in those beauties as if she’s all that. Need I go on?

Cover Yielding 1NewFinalAmazSmash1012

The Yielding, Book Two in the Age of Faith series now available at Amazon for $4.99.


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