THE LONGING: Book V (Age of Faith) ~ Back Cover Copy

Back cover copy of THE LONGING, Book V in the Age of Faith series (available Spring 2014):


In The Unveiling, The Yielding, The Redeeming, and The Kindling, the lives of the formidable Wulfrith family unfold during Duke Henry’s battle for the English throne and his succession. The fifth book in the series, The Longing, belongs to the last Wulfrith brother, the enigmatic Sir Everard, and the much maligned Lady Susanna de Balliol.


For years, Lady Susanna de Balliol has borne the blame for betrayal—well-earned, though not as believed by the man she can never forget. Now her nephew must prove his legitimacy or lose his claim to his father’s lands. When Susanna is forced to flee with the boy following an attempt on his life, will the one man who knows the truth of her nephew’s birth grant them sanctuary within his walls? More, will he aid the woman whom he believes cost him the love of his life?


Eleven years—a long time to have loved and lost. Certain he will not love again, Everard Wulfrith has committed his life to the command of Wulfen Castle. But when the girl whose betrayal he can never forgive appears to him as a grown woman and demands he atone for his sins, can he lay bare his past to aid her nephew? And what of his unexpected feelings for the scandalous Susanna de Balliol whose indiscretions may very well put his own to shame?

To read an excerpt of the tale of Sir Everard Wulfrith and Lady Susanna de Balliol, visit:

4 thoughts on “THE LONGING: Book V (Age of Faith) ~ Back Cover Copy

  1. Barefoot Believer says:

    The entire “Age of Faith” series is a journey you do not want to miss. The sample reading of “The Longing” drew me in from the first page – – “His name was Judas….” to the last line in the sample – – “lower the draw bridge”…….. I have been holding my breath and sitting on the edge of my seat for months~~~…. and although I’m a lovely shade of blue and the edge of my seat has worn edges…… the wait is nearly over and it has been well worth it. Tamara, you are a fabulous writer that I regard like waiting for a reservation at a favorite restaurant – – – well worth the wait because the exquisite cuisine will be slowly enjoyed and savored – – and the memory of the experience will be with me forever. My reservation is made….. the main course is about to arrive……time for a feast…. and I am hungry!!!

    • You make me blush, Pam–and very happy. I’m thrilled my beautiful reader and encourager has enjoyed the series. I’ve certainly enjoyed having you along for the ride. Thank you, thank you for the Song of Solomon scriptures. They are perfectly suited to Everard and Susanna. Blessings, dear lady. ~ Tamara

  2. jencudmore says:

    I cannot wait for this one! I read the other 4 within 2 weeks and have been on the edge of my seat wanting to know about Everard!

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