There are two things that make my fingers itch to pick up a book–a great title that raises an intriguing question and a fabulous cover that appeals to my personal reading tastes and raises further questions. Then, and only then, do I take the next step of reading the back cover blurb. If it promises to deliver hours of reading enjoyment, the next step is to head for the nearest cash register. Since I know I’m not the only once who judges–at least initially–a book by its cover, it was important to me that the covers of my books catch a reader’s eye and faithfully represent the story inside. And I believe my amazingly talented and patient graphic artist came through for me. The following are the final versions of LADY AT ARMS and LADY OF EVE. To view the major steps taken to create these two beautiful covers and to enter to win an audiobook copy of LADY AT ARMS and an ebook copy of LADY OF EVE, visit: Relz Reviewz

FinalLadyAtArmsEbook (Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Amazon Catalog, Smash)


To Purchase: Amazon (also available at B&N, iBooks Store, and Kobo Books)




To Purchase: Amazon (also available at B&N, iBooks Store, and Kobo Books)




  1. I love the new Wulfrith covers. Ahem. I believe I mentioned my affinity for them once or twice.

    But your analysis is correct. The title and cover of a book are utterly critical in today’s very competitive market.

  2. rittwolf says:

    I love the covers of your books and have even printed a few of them out to hang up in my reading/craft room. They are absolutely the first thing that drew me to your books. The story lines, however, are what made me add them to my wish list.

  3. Barefoot Believer says:

    There is so much work that goes into an end product – – not only do you have to be a gifted writer (as you are) – but you must also have a critical eye for design and detail – and you have obviously been gifted in this area also. Thank you for sharing part of the journey you must travel to get your book “home” – ie: ready for the viewing public. I hope you are enjoying your family time. Oh – and…… you are the “talk of the town” on one of the popular book review websites – no surprise to me!!!! You go girl!!!!

    • Hello, dearest Pam! So sorry I haven’t written back. Having a very busy and wonderful time with my mother and sister–and my youngest sister who drove up from L.A. so we could all be together for the first time in 10+ years. As always, thank you for the encouragement and prayers. You’re very special.

  4. Barefoot Believer says:

    No “sorry” needed – – we are sisters in the Lord so our bond is stronger than words or e-mails – – we have “knee mail” and that is our communication everyday. I am so happy for you and your family reunion time – – relax and enjoy it and be blessed by it!!!

  5. My French Heaven says:

    How many books do you write every year? You seem to be a very prolific writer… I admire you so much!!

    • I admire you, Stephane–and am looking forward to a cookbook from you brimming with your beautiful pictures and wonderful words. I know it appears I’m prolific, and I have become more so now that my boys are mostly grown, but the reason I’ve been able to release 3-4 books a year is that some of my original works now being released were partially written a dozen years ago and put in a drawer when I moved onto something else. And as for Lady At Arms and Lady Of Eve, they were published in 1994 with Bantam Books and I’ve rewritten them into “clean reads” which is much easier and less time consuming than it is to create a new story. Original works starting from scratch take me 5-6 months to write, whereas a “clean read” rewrite takes 2-3 months. Thank you for stopping by. Wishing you a wonderful, sunshine-y day 🙂

  6. 4mydesigns says:

    I am totally loving the new covers! Having recently finished reading Lady at Arms, I can’t wait to read Lady of Eve.

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