PART II ~ EVOLUTION OF A COVER ~ BARON OF GODSMERE: Book One in The Feud series (Winter 2014/15)

I enjoy working with my amazing cover designer to bring my characters to life beyond the printed word. Though I usually reserve that journey for my newsletters, this last one was so spectacular that I have to share it here.

PART II: Finding The Perfect Lady Elianor Of Emberly ~ No, not as enticing as yesterday’s installment of bare-chested-Scotsman-in-a-kilt, but nice. Once more, I pored over candidates to find this Scandinavian beauty with a bit of the huntress about her. Not quite Lady Elianor, but we can work with that, and the outstretched hand is perfect—well, once we get that poor thing out of it. Let’s just imagine it’s a catch-and-release thing. As for garb, she’s going to need a medieval gown to firmly place her in 14th century England. A rather lovely stop on the journey, hmm? Tomorrow, PART III: Hero Meet Heroine, Heroine Meet Hero



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