PART IV ~ EVOLUTION OF A COVER ~ BARON OF GODSMERE: Book One in The Feud series (Winter 2014/15)

I enjoy working with my amazing cover designer to bring my characters to life beyond the printed word. Though I usually reserve that journey for my newsletters, this last one was so spectacular that I have to share it here.

PART IV: Of Keys And Swords and Fonts ~ Crisping up nicely, and though I like the new font, that’s not quite “it.” Hmm, where did the baron’s eye patch get to? Oh, nice sword, Baron Boursier! See, that didn’t hurt at all. Wish I could say the same about getting rid of your kilt and covering up that tattoo, but we’re about ready for armor. Fortunately, you look buff enough to bear the weight. One more thing—the blond locks have to go. As for you, Lady Elianor, the gown is more flattering, no? You’d like more hair? But of course, my lady! So glad you approve of the keys. A nice touch, hmm? Tomorrow, PART V: To The Armorers And A Good Salon



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