PART V ~ EVOLUTION OF A COVER ~ BARON OF GODSMERE: Book One in The Feud series (Winter 2014/15)

I enjoy working with my amazing cover designer to bring my characters to life beyond the printed word. Though I usually reserve that journey for my newsletters, this last one was so spectacular that I have to share it here.

PART V: To The Armorers And A Good Salon ~ The perfect font! Love that the title fits on one line. But not as much as I love that armor. Holding up there okay, Baron Boursier? Wearing your eye patch again, I see. What do you think of the hair? Yes, it should be more on the auburn side of red. Your eyes–er, eye? You’re right, the color’s off. How about you, Lady Elianor? Yes, your new “do” would look lovelier with a braid. I’m so glad you like the gown. It keeps getting prettier, doesn’t it? I’ll let the cover designer know you’d like to show off the green of your eyes. We’re almost there, you know? Tomorrow, PART VI: Back To The Salon



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