EVOLUTION OF THE COVER of LADY OF FIRE: a clean-read rewrite of the 1994 bestseller Pagan Bride (releasing late fall 2014) ~ Though my first two Bantam Books rewrites, LADY AT ARMS and LADY OF EVE, were connected, LADY OF FIRE is a standalone that trades the 12th century Britain of the first two books for 15th century Algiers and Britain. Now for the major steps my cover designer took to create the beautiful cover. P/S: Sorry, no bare-chested, kilt-cavorting hero this time 🙂

PART IV: New Proportions And A Wardrobe Change ~ I thought the first gown was beautiful, but this takes it to a whole new level. Are you good with the repositioning of your arm, Alessandra? I should have known better than to ask. Of course you have something hidden behind your back. Poor Lucien de Gautier has no idea what he’s up against. I agree, the hair color is perfect and the flyaway strands are a nice touch. What do you think about something other than ribbons on your sleeve? Also, I’d like to see how the title looks up against the sky. Getting closer! Coming Soon, PART V: Up High And Pretty In Purple




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