Ready for another episode of Evolution Of A Cover? This time, it’s for the re-release of my first inspirational romance, STEALING ADDA, billed as “chick lit” when it landed in bookstores in 2006. Why “chick lit” as opposed to my earlier Bantam and HarperCollins medieval romances? I was told medieval romance didn’t sell well in the inspirational market, and I would have to give publishers “something different.” How different can you get, hmm? So, here’s the original cover. Cute.

Stealing Adda

In 2012, after the rights to Stealing Adda were returned to me, I re-released the book with a new cover. Cuter.

Cover New Stealing Adda 053113 AllRomEbks

Then…this year the rights to the rest of my “chick lits” were returned to me. And you know what that calls for, don’t you? New covers all around! Though the first four of my seven “chick lits” are stand alones, I decided to tie them together under the “Head Over Heels” series title—a nod to the lovely combination of romance and high heels with a big city feel. Let’s start with the stock photo my wonderful cover designer discovered, then it’s time to get to work—Adda has dark hair, and as for that revealing skirt… Need to do something about that. It’s the heels we’re focusing on, right?


First mock up ~ Adore, adore the cut paper background and the partial face. I’d like to see the book title pop with more color, and the tagline reduced to fit the white space. Though I like the author name font, I think we should stick with the font used on my medieval romances. And let’s find a place for the “Head Over Heels” series title.

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 1.19.10 PM

Second Mock Up ~ The book title certainly pops in pink, but I’m thinking the color of those gorgeous heels would be better. Love the series title treatment, though it is a bit crowded. Let me think on that. Oh, I just stumbled on a Facebook discussion about partial face covers. Apparently, readers are either tired of them or never liked them at all, so let’s see more of Adda’s face. And we definitely need to pull that skirt of hers forward.


Third Mock Up ~ Thumbs up on the orange font , skirt, and seeing more of Adda’s face. What do you think about changing the series title to a gradient of the blue background so it doesn’t look so crowded? And before I forget, Adda’s more into her nails than eye makeup. Can we tone down the makeup?

mock1-3 copy

Fourth Mock Up ~ The series title looks fabulous, her eye makeup is perfect, and I like the lighter orange font. Good call! We’re close but…um…it was suggested the cover would be more eye-catching if the heels were pink. Can I see how that looks, my dear, incredibly patient cover designer?


Fifth Mock Up ~ The pink is more eye-catching, but I think orange is the better choice. There’s just something about the way it contrasts with the blue.

mock1-3 copy 2

The Final ~ Here she is. The new STEALING ADDA. Have I mentioned how talented my cover designer is? Coming soon: the new Perfecting Kate, Splitting Harriet, and Faking Grace. Exciting times!

adda_ebook 2

Website: www.tamaraleigh.com


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