My cover designer is at it again, breathing life into my characters beyond the printed word. This time, she’s reviving Rhiannyn of Etcheverry from my 1996 Bantam Books bestseller, Saxon Bride, which re-releases with a new cover and title–Lady Of Conquest–this spring.

PART I: Finding Rhiannyn of Etcheverry ~ After poring over models to find the perfect one to represent my heroine and time and again muttering, “Close. Getting close,” my designer presented me with this mockup. No close about this. That’s my 11th-century heroine, and what a gorgeous background. Now let’s see… In keeping with the design of the first three “Lady” covers, Rhiannyn needs to be moved left, nearer the spine. Oh, that does present a problem with the castle. Can you flip it so it’s on the right? I love her hair and the tress drifting across her face, but it needs a bit more length and to be lighter in color. As for her gown, it’s too lavish for the 11th century, will need sleeves, and though this color is perfect, it should be brighter to pop. And the font–lovely, but drop the violet outline so it’s solid yellow. Have at it, miracle worker 🙂


PART II: Colors, Colors Everywhere ~ What a beautiful selection! Regrettably, the colors are too vivid for the early middle ages. What do you think about going with a slightly brighter color than the original? The laced bodice is nice, but let’s bring back the fur piece–it has a “just out of the dark ages” look. Ooh, her hair is beautiful, but I prefer it mostly draped over the shoulder on her right side as in the original. You’re right, the castle does look better on the left side, so let’s push Rhiannyn a little more in that direction, though not as far as the other “Lady” heroines. Additionally, I’d like her enlarged to a proportion similar to the other three covers, and with a little air above her head. Nice water under the bridge! Now back to my rewrite, oh patient one 🙂

proof3 proof4 proof1-3

PART III: Going Green ~ The gown color is lovely, but that’s still not it, mostly since two of the three other “Lady” covers are in the red family. So let’s go green, but a darker shade, and definitely keep the fur and return to the laced bodice. Thumbs up on the hair on her right side. Perfect!


PART IV: Almost There ~ Oh yes, we are! Just one more detail. Can you lighten the yellowish portion of the fur for a better contrast with her hair?


PART V: Rhiannyn Revealed ~ Welcome back, Rhiannyn of Etcheverry. Have I got a hero for you 🙂 Note: From start to finish, these covers take about a week to complete. Well worth the wait!

conquest_ebook 2

PART VI: A “Bride” Reunion ~ In the beginning, there was Lizanne, followed by Graeye, Alessandra, and Rhiannyn. Now they’re all back together–new covers, nearly new stories. Exciting!

FinalLadyAtArmsEbook (Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Amazon Catalog, Smash) eve_ebook Baron Of Godsmere conquest_ebook 2

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2 thoughts on “EVOLUTION OF A COVER ~ LADY OF CONQUEST (Releasing Spring 2015)

  1. Barefoot Believer says:

    Lovely – lovely – lovely! Bravo on the end result! Tis Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday is coming!! Hallelujah! What a Savior!!

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