Another Round Of Edits (AROE) ~ LADY OF CONQUEST: Chapter One

On to the next installment of “Another Round Of Edits (AROE)” in which this author begins the process of editing the full manuscript of the weighty Lady of Conquest–133,382 words to be exact. The following is from the first–there will be more–and most intense round of edits that will ensure LOC is fit and trim for her late spring 2015 release: Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 4.21.04 PMScreen Shot 2015-04-20 at 4.22.55 PM Edited Excerpt Coming Soon to: 


2 thoughts on “Another Round Of Edits (AROE) ~ LADY OF CONQUEST: Chapter One

  1. Barefoot Believer says:

    Aaaaarrrrggghhhh!!! Don’t ya just hate it when you know you shouldn’t eat that one potato chip . . . you know you can’t stop yourself . . . you try to stop . . . you try to back away . . . you know what will happen . . . but . . . there you go . . . you take just one bite and . . . GOTCHA~!!! That’s what reading these edits are like – – trying to stop with just one potato chip . . . you’re not going to be happy again until you have the whole bag (SUPER SIZE) with a big ole diet coke and firmly encamped, crumbs and all, in the middle of your sofa!!! OK – you’ve got me hook. line & sinker – – need more!!!!!!!! It’s spring here in Florida – – is it Spring there????? LOL!!

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