LADY OF CONQUEST: #1 Bestseller ~ Thank you, Readers!

We were in a quandary. Yes, we were. LADY OF CONQUEST released two days ago, landing on the bestseller list and climbing up to the #2 slot–right next to its sister, LADY OF EVE in the #1 slot. Talk about thrilled–and oh so blessed! The quandary? Silly, I know, but while the two sat there swapping tales of their rewrite journey, LOC remained second to LOE. I was a little slow, but I finally realized LOE was not going to relinquish her hard-won slot in her current state–on sale for $.99. Nothing I could do about that other than wait for the sale to end. And today, LOE is back to $4.99 and LOC and she have swapped places. Thank you, Readers, for making it possible by entrusting your precious time to my stories. You bless me 🙂

conquest_ebook 2

CURSED ~ England of The Norman Conquest, 1068: Two years have passed since the Battle of Hastings changed the course of a nation. As the defeated Saxons continue to chafe against the yoke of Norman rule, Rhiannyn of Etcheverry finds herself at the center of a rebellion when the conqueror she refuses to wed dies in her arms—cursing her to never know the love of a man or the blessing of children. Certain only her silence can save her people from retaliation, she holds close the dark truth about his death. But when his avenging brother saves her life, she discovers another side to the celebrated warrior of Hastings—one that will test her loyalties and beliefs. And expose the innocent heart beneath her Saxon pride.

UNFORGIVEN ~ Renouncing his holy vows, Maxen Pendery pledges to discover who murdered his brother—even at the cost of the soul he has wrestled to save since thrusting his sword in the blood-soaked soil of Hastings and walking away. But when Rhiannyn of Etcheverry is at his mercy, she continues to protect the rebel leader to whom she was once betrothed. Though breathtakingly lovely, she refuses to use her wiles against Maxen, instead disarming him with her sharp tongue, strong will, and a selflessness that unexpectedly stirs his ignoble heart. Might the cursed beauty be the death of him? Or could she prove his redemption?

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9 thoughts on “LADY OF CONQUEST: #1 Bestseller ~ Thank you, Readers!

  1. Barefoot Believer says:

    So many “Lady’s” and so little time . . . but they each deserve their place on the throne!! Soooooooo happy for you that LOC has claimed her rightful place. It is an amazing story with a “sigh”….ending – – anymore ladies in waiting?? Or is the Baron up next?

    • Much appreciated! There are no more “bride” ladies in waiting, but I may continue the “lady” titling with the last three rewrites, so stay tuned. As for what’s next… I’m getting close on re-releasing my Waterbrook/Multnomah contemporary romance, Splitting Harriet–hopefully before the end of the month. But in the midst of that, I’ve started on the next baron–of Emberly. Go, Magnus! 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on silvatrend8553 and commented:
    Congrats to Tamara Leigh on the spots for these 2 books on the Best Seller list!

  3. What a gorgeous cover. I haven’t read any of your work and hope to remedy it.

  4. Congrats! And thanks for putting in all the hard work to give us clean reads that are just AMAZING!

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