FAKING GRACE: A Head Over Heels Inspirational Romance  ~ Please welcome Maizy Grace and Jack Prentiss back to my fictional family (these guys and gals have been out of circulation a while).

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Maizy Grace Stewart dreams of a career as an investigative journalist, but her last job ended in disaster when her compassion cost her employer a juicy headline. A part-time gig at a Nashville newspaper might be her big break.

A second job at Steeple Side Christian Resources could help pay the bills, but they only hire committed Christians. Maizy is sure she can fake it with her Five-Step Program to Authentic Christian Faith. If only Jack Prentiss, Steeple Side’s managing editor and British hottie, wasn’t determined to prove her a fraud.

When Maizy’s newspaper boss pressures her to expose any skeletons in Steeple Side’s closet, she must decide whether to deliver the dirt and secure her career or lean on her newfound faith, change the direction of her life, and pray that her colleagues—and Jack—will show her grace.

Praise for Faking Grace

“Tamara Leigh takes her experienced romance hand and delights readers with chick lit that sparkles and characters who come alive.” ~ KRISTIN BILLERBECK, author of The Trophy Wives Club

“Clever. Insightful. Faking Grace is a joy to read, and Maizy Stewart is hilarious. I couldn’t help but cheer for her along her bumpy journey to stop faking grace and start finding it.” ~ MELANIE DOBSON, author of Going for Broke and The Black Cloister

“Tamara Leigh does a fabulous job looking at the faults, the love, the hypocrisy, and the grace of Christians in a way that’s entertaining and fun. Maizy Grace is a crazy character I couldn’t help but like. I loved this book and highly recommend it.” ~ CAMY TANG, author of Sushi for One? and Only Uni

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Once again, my cover designer has put a lovely face on one of my stories, this time the fourth book in my Head Over Heels inspirational romance collection, FAKING GRACE, re-releasing 09.25.15. From start to finish, this was the easiest cover, so the steps are relatively minor. Enjoy!

ORIGINAL COVER: The original Waterbrook/Multnomah cover. Cute!


ONE OF SEVERAL MOCKUPS: It didn’t pass muster, but shoot it’s cute, too!


ORIGINAL STOCK PHOTO: Well now, that looks like my Maizy Grace. Yep. She’s the one. Let’s flip her around to fit her to the left-hand side of the cover the same as the first three books in the collection. Then go ahead and throw some color at her.


FIRST CONCEPT: Ah ha! The blue–as in heavenly. I like it, but since we’ve decided on blue for Stealing Adda’s background, let’s try on some other colors and definitely go with the cut paper background. As for those cute little hearts, I think they’d better go since we have a heart in the collection title. And Maizy Grace’s hair needs to be blonder.


SECOND CONCEPT: Green. Nice, but… Nah. Can I get an idea of how she’d look with slightly longer hair? Too, I’d like to pull in the color red–high heels and author name. Oh, forgot to mention I prefer her holding the good old-fashioned notebook rather than an electronic notebook.

PART I: Purple. Umm. Not grabbing me, but I do like the red. And let’s go back to the original hair length and make it a bit blonder.


PART II: Good on background AND hair color. We’re almost there. As with the other books in the collection, I’d like to see the tagline lower on the white background, so let’s raise the red background.


FINAL COVER: And there we have it, FAKING GRACE re-releasing 09.25.15! Now all my pretty ducks are in a row 🙂

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