Once again, my cover designer has put a lovely face on one of my stories, this time the fourth book in my Head Over Heels inspirational romance collection, FAKING GRACE, re-releasing 09.25.15. From start to finish, this was the easiest cover, so the steps are relatively minor. Enjoy!

ORIGINAL COVER: The original Waterbrook/Multnomah cover. Cute!


ONE OF SEVERAL MOCKUPS: It didn’t pass muster, but shoot it’s cute, too!


ORIGINAL STOCK PHOTO: Well now, that looks like my Maizy Grace. Yep. She’s the one. Let’s flip her around to fit her to the left-hand side of the cover the same as the first three books in the collection. Then go ahead and throw some color at her.


FIRST CONCEPT: Ah ha! The blue–as in heavenly. I like it, but since we’ve decided on blue for Stealing Adda’s background, let’s try on some other colors and definitely go with the cut paper background. As for those cute little hearts, I think they’d better go since we have a heart in the collection title. And Maizy Grace’s hair needs to be blonder.


SECOND CONCEPT: Green. Nice, but… Nah. Can I get an idea of how she’d look with slightly longer hair? Too, I’d like to pull in the color red–high heels and author name. Oh, forgot to mention I prefer her holding the good old-fashioned notebook rather than an electronic notebook.

PART I: Purple. Umm. Not grabbing me, but I do like the red. And let’s go back to the original hair length and make it a bit blonder.


PART II: Good on background AND hair color. We’re almost there. As with the other books in the collection, I’d like to see the tagline lower on the white background, so let’s raise the red background.


FINAL COVER: And there we have it, FAKING GRACE re-releasing 09.25.15! Now all my pretty ducks are in a row 🙂

grace_ebook 2

        harriet_ebook    grace_ebook 2

Website: www.tamaraleigh.com


6 thoughts on “EVOLUTION OF A COVER ~ FAKING GRACE (Releasing 09.25.15)

  1. Barefoot Believer says:

    Yes they are! Nicely done too!!
    You know me Tam – I drool for your next historical medieval romance release – and I know “Baron of Emberly” is on your “work in progress” list – but in the meantime, I think I’ll give this one a try – – I’ll just pretend the hero shows up for work dressed in mail chain and carrying a sword instead of a laptop – lol!!

  2. Barefoot Believer says:

    Oops – – I meant “chain mail” – lol

  3. Candice says:

    I so enjoyed this book. I especially appreciated how the “man of the hour” was realistic. He wasn’t perfect but he was perfect for Maizy 🙂 In other news, I am still holding out for Sir Durand’s story to come to life 😀

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