While updating my website, I discovered I hadn’t featured the cover evolution for DREAMSPELL: A Medieval Time Travel. Time (pun!) to remedy that. Thus, as further proof my cover designer is amazing, here’s the evolution.

PART I: Finding Baron Fulke Wynland and Miss Kennedy Plain. Oh my, these two look about right. More than about right. So let’s start with the hero and those viking-ish duds–er, rather, lack of them. What do you think? A tunic? Armor? As for the background, since it’s a time travel, how about a clock? And there’s this book that’s something of a time portal.

PART II: Of Backgrounds and Medieval Clothing ~ You flipped them around–I like it! And love, love the clock and the book. But as for the tunic–not doing it for me. That man has to have armor. And since Kennedy is from the future, how about we replace her medieval gown with 21st-century clothing? Regarding the tagline, it needs to be more visible. P/S: Could you lighten up Fulke’s hair and make him look less scruffy–just a bit?

PART III: Armor Makes the Man ~ Yes, armor is where it’s at. Fulke heartily agrees. Unfortunately, Kennedy isn’t comfortable in a slip dress. How about a white button-up blouse? I love the addition to her hair and the tagline looks great.

PART IV: Another Miss on Kennedy’s Clothing ~ No, not a blouse. Let’s go back to Kennedy’s original gown. She does, after all, spend quite a bit of time wearing one in Fulke’s presence. But rather than red, let’s try emerald green. Oh, and her hand on his waist… I prefer it higher as in the original.

PART V: Dreamspell In All Its Glory ~ And there we have it. The green gown is perfect for Kennedy, and I like that the color is pulled into the tagline. Yes, indeed, my cover designer is amazing.


To read an excerpt: www.tamaraleigh.com

To purchase: Amazon, BN, iBooks Store, Kobo



  1. Stephanie says:

    That is really amazing how they can change stuff around!

  2. Barefoot Believer says:

    Yes – you do have an amazing cover artist! If I remember right, I believe “Dreamspell” was the first novel I read that became the “hook, line and sinker” for me becoming a loyal follower of your writing…. and I’ve never looked back. So. . . when’s the next release? (says the read-greedy person while rubbing her hands together and keeping her kindle tucked in tight – lol) How goes the battle of writing Baron of Emberly? I know you’ve got a lot on your plate so just ignore my “nudging” – just throw a bone here or there – Iol!

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