EVOLUTION OF A COVER ~ NOWHERE CAROLINA (Releasing Winter 2015/2016)

Yep, another episode of Evolution of a Cover. Last time it was the new cover for my inspirational contemporary, LEAVING CAROLINA: Book One (Available 11.25.15). Now for the second book in the Southern Discomfort series, NOWHERE, CAROLINA (available Winter 2015/2016). The process that follows took approximately a week from start to finish.

PART I: The Original Nowhere Carolina ~ Unlike the original LEAVING CAROLINA cover, I did not adore the original NOWHERE, CAROLINA cover. For one thing, it’s too painfully neon bright. For another, it’s too un-Maggie Pickwick. Floral print dress? Umm, no. Pink rubber rain boots? Not in this lifetime. Hanging out in a rash of ivy? Not on your life. So now I get to right this wrong (as I can’t wait to do with my soon to be re-written and re-covered MISBEGOTTEN). Coming up… My spot-on version of Maggie. And her Reece 🙂


PART II: Righting the Wrong Carolina ~ A-hunting I did go and found this sigh-able couple who closely resemble Maggie and Reece. This background could work, but I think we need something soft and dreamy, similar to the new LEAVING CAROLINA cover. And, of course, Maggie is nothing if not an unapologetic redhead.


PART III: Of Soft and Dreamy Things ~ After poring over numerous background possibilities, we landed on this one, chosen not only for its romantic feel but amazing colors and lamp post. Now to make that kiss more private, hmm?

Nowhere Carolina


PART IV: Of Sparkly Tree Lights and the Color Pink ~ Oh my word. Now that’s… Give me a moment to sigh. Okay, I’m in love. Well, mostly. The addition of sparkly tree lights is perfect and in line with the fireflies on LEAVING CAROLINA’s cover. Maggie’s fiery red hair is lovely, though it needs to be a bit darker. But now the pink… Maybe it’s the original cover that’s putting me off that color, but it makes me wrinkle my nose. Let’s try a blue font and white scarf. Oh, and can we move the couple’s feet up out of the author name?


PART V: Here There Be Giants ~ Yes! Blue font all the way–and love Maggie’s wintry white scarf. But Houston, we have a problem. I know I asked to move the couple up out of the author name, but now they look like giants alongside the knee-high fence. That, or they’re at a kiddie park. I think if you enlarge the background so the lamp post’s light kisses the top of the cover and pull the couple’s feet back into the author name a bit, that should bring everything back into proportion. Whew, would have hated to miss that detail!

Nowhere Carolina


PART VI: Here There Be Proportion…and Too Many Tree Lights ~ Much better proportioned, and I especially like the lamp post light up out of the title. However, all that shifting has moved a string of tree lights below the title. Too busy, so let’s nix that lower string.


PART VII: The Wrong Finally Righted ~ And here’s the final cover beside its sister. Wasn’t this fun? Now to re-think RESTLESS IN CAROLINA’s cover. Coming Soon!

LeavingCarolina_Final_1600x2400 Ebook 2Nowhere Carolina Final Ebook 1600x2400

LEAVING CAROLINA: Book One Excerpt: Tamara Leigh

LEAVING CAROLINA: Releasing 11.25.15 from Amazon, iBooks Store, Kobo Books, and Barnes & Noble


5 thoughts on “EVOLUTION OF A COVER ~ NOWHERE CAROLINA (Releasing Winter 2015/2016)

  1. Barefoot Believer says:

    Wow!! Such a radical and definitely needed change from the original cover. And it is such a wonderful compliment to the first book. Being an indie writer/publisher you certainly have a lot more details on your plate to juggle – and you’ve done a great job of it!! Beautiful cover that promises a romantic “happily ever after” story!! Congrats Tam – you (and your cover artist) have done it again!!

  2. Candice says:

    I love seeing the evolution of the covers. Even though I have a degree in Advertising and Graphic Design, I tend to psych myself out when it comes to creating covers for my own works. Seeing the evolution here and with other past evolution covers you’ve shown has really encouraged me. I love the new cover by the way 😀

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