I don’t suppose I’ve mentioned how awesome my cover designer is. Oh, have I? It bears repeating. This episode of Evolution of a Cover was to have been for RESTLESS IN CAROLINA, but when I asked my wonderful readers if they’d prefer a sneak peek at BARON OF BLACKWOOD… Oh. My. Word. So coming up–Baron Griffin de Arell and his bride-to-be, Lady Quintin Boursier. P/S: From start to finish, the process took about 5 days.

PART I: THE PERFECT GRIFFIN ~ Come on. Do I need to justify my reason for picking this knight in shining armor to portray the formidable Baron Griffin de Arell? The man speaks for himself–well, once we get rid of those Fabio locks 🙂

PART II: THE PERFECT QUINTIN ~ “Too soft, too sweet,” I muttered over the multitude of potential Quintin Boursiers. And then in strolled the lady herself, vim and vigor in every step. But that cap? Well, we’re all allowed the occasional fashion faux pas.

PART III: POSITIONING GRIFFIN AND QUINTIN ~ Here’s the first mock up, using the same format as the first two books in the series, BARON OF GODSMERE and BARON OF EMBERLY, and a similar background to which we need to add a medieval castle. Thank goodness that cap of Quintin’s is history. And love the swirling banner, this time green to represent the house of De Arell. If you’ve read the first book in the series, you know the relationship between these two is pretty contentious–see that dagger of hers?–so let’s turn this couple opposite each other. Now, Griffin… Make his tunic black and trim it in green to match his family’s colors, and definitely shorten his hair. Quintin… The color of her gown is a bit bland. Pink? Purple?

PART IV: PERFECTING GRIFFIN AND QUINTIN  ~ Love the castle background, and having the hero and heroine turned opposite each other sets the right tone. Griffin’s short hair is perfect. Now his tunic…much better color, but I’m thinking replace the cross with a griffin. And his eyes are intense blue. Quintin doesn’t have the usual medieval lady’s long tresses (with good reason), but let’s lengthen her hair a bit and turn it black. Eyes-wise, hers are Foucault brown. I do like this color of gown, but can I see it in other colors? And what do you think about a necklace? Oh, let’s put space between these two to show more of the banner-wrapped blade. Whew!

PART V: OF GRIFFINS AND COLORFUL GOWNS ~ Nice griffin, Griffin de Arell. Very manly. And, my, such blue eyes you have. Quintin’s hair length is about right, so let’s give her some wave. Lovely necklace. The gowns are beautifully vibrant, but none grab me. How about a darker version of her original color? Say, burnt orange? Lastly, there needs to be a bit more space between the baron and his lady. Almost there!

PART VI: TA DA! ~ The finalized BARON OF BLACKWOOD! Hopping up and down happy. Thank you for joining me on the journey. Wasn’t that fun?


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6 thoughts on “EVOLUTION OF A COVER ~ BARON OF BLACKWOOD (Releasing 2016)

  1. Barefoot Believer says:

    Wow! Quite a makeover!! I really love the hair makeovers – – he definitely needed a cut and she is much improved with some added volume. Between your eye and your cover designer’s style – ya’ll make a dynamic duo – nice job ladies!! I hope you have a blessed and family filled Christmas Tam – and congratulations on Baron of Emberly!!

  2. Stephanie says:

    I love these posts you do! So amazing how they can adjust everything & make it turn out so awesome!

  3. Janet says:

    When is it available on kindle????

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