Here we go again! The last Evolution Of A Cover was for NOWHERE CAROLINA, the second book in the Southern Discomfort series (Available 12.30.15). Now for the third and final book, RESTLESS IN CAROLINA. The following process took my cover designer about a week.

PART I: The Original Restless In Carolina ~ I was thrilled with the original RESTLESS IN CAROLINA cover from Waterbrook/Multnomah–unique, fun, and it said Bridget Pickwick up one side and down the other. But it’s time to put a new cover on the book that allows readers a look at the face above those jeans–and, of course, her hero, J.C.


PART II: Sigh-Able Places ~ When I landed on this sigh-able background, I knew it was a perfect fit–just as I imagined the Pickwick mansion at the end of that long driveway.


PART III: Finding The Perfect Bridget and J.C. ~ I fell in love with the joyous kiss shared by this couple and nearly used the photo for the new cover of NOWHERE IN CAROLINA. But it kept whispering “Bridget and J.C.,” so I held it in reserve. But now there’s work to be done. My once-upon-a-dreadlocked Barbie doll is a blonde, and J.C. doesn’t sport an earring.


PART IV: Of Dusk and Fireflies ~ The perfect background for that joyous kiss! The lamp is a great prop, but its placement is awkward. I keep imagining J.C. backing into it (should the kiss get more joyous–and it might). Hmm. What do you think about a flashlight instead? Thumbs up on the fireflies. However, let’s cut back on their number–love me some sparkle, but that’s too much. Bridget’s hair could be darker and needs more detailing. As for that neon green font. No. Just…no. Let’s try yellow, a bit paler than the glow of the lamp.


PART V: Losing The Glow ~ Hmm. I like the flashlight, but you’re right, we’ve lost the magical glow over the couple. Okay, back to the lamp (less the tripping hazard). As for fireflies, that number works. The yellow font is a go, and to be consistent with the first two books, move the series title to the upper right corner.


PART VI: Ta da! ~ Series title. Check. Lamp placement. Check. Romance. Check. Introducing the new RESTLESS IN CAROLINA: Book Three (Southern Discomfort) available mid-winter 2016.


PART VII: The Complete Southern Discomfort

LeavingCarolina_Final_1600x2400 Ebook 2 Nowhere Carolina Final Ebook 1600x2400 


3 thoughts on “EVOLUTION OF A COVER ~ RESTLESS IN CAROLINA (Releasing Mid-Winter 2016)

  1. Barefoot Believer says:

    Of all the Carolina covers – this is my favorite!!! Don’t get me wrong – they’re all very romantic and beautifully done – – but this one just makes me s..i..g..h……… . . . now that’s a JOYFUL kiss!!! Anyway – once again – GREAT job!! I do have one question – – if this is an already completed and published book – and this is just a cover “makeover” – why does it take till mid winter of next year to release it? Just the curious little monkey that I am – lol.

    • Thank you, curious little monkey! I’m very pleased with this cover–all of them 🙂 This is a re-release, but I like to edit to my current standards, so it takes a while. And, of course, there’s the scheduling of new covers. Happy Happy New Year to you and yours!

  2. Barefoot Believer says:

    Oh – ok – now I get it. Kind of like when I’m cooking – – sometimes I’ll “tweak” an old recipe based on new products that have been recently released – or I’ll tweak based on a new technique I’ve recently learned. Makes sense!! Thanks for answering this curious monkey’s question. Happy New Year!!!

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