Another Round of Edits (AROE) ~ LADY UNDAUNTED

Lady Undaunted eBook

Now for another installment of “Another Round Of Edits (AROE)” in which this author edits the full manuscript of LADY UNDAUNTED. The following is from the second and most intensive round–there will be at least one more–to ensure LU is ready for her Spring 2016 release:
1Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 6.59.17 AM

2Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 6.59.30 AM

3Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 6.59.43 AM

4Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 6.59.55 AM

5Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 7.00.12 AM

2 thoughts on “Another Round of Edits (AROE) ~ LADY UNDAUNTED

  1. I enjoyed the edits, immensely. A lot can be learned from them.

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